Friday, September 27, 2013

I Think You Are:

Hello, hello!
I whipped up a card using journaling cards, and a sticker from the My Crush "Besties" assortment.  These are awesome little bits and pieces to use in a book, but they can be a lot of fun for cards too!
I added some twine, a paperclip, plus some washi tape along the bottom.  (The yellow washi snuck it's way onto this card, but it was from my stash, not from CTMH. Gasp! sorry!) 

Don't be afraid to cover up or alter what doesn't work for you.  The background card, with the stripes along the top actually had text on it, which didn't work with my card, so I simply covered it up.  Make products do what you want them to do! It's okay to cover something up with a sticker, or layer something over it!! 
Thanks for stopping by today!


Nancy Durant said...

Good work! Always good to make things the way you want! Delete, cover, whatever! Make it work!

Nancy Durant said...

Plus I forgot to say how fantabulous this card is. Love the usage of the crush stuff! Always love the work of Miss Laura!