Wednesday, September 28, 2011

autumn treats!

 Let's pretend for a moment, shall we?  Let's pretend that the cute little treat pail you see before you, is filled with yummy delicious candy corn.  Or the candy corn that's shaped like pumpkins.  Or maybe some ginger snap cookies.  Or cinnamon sticks.
There WAS a bag of candy corn to fill this treat can.  But it never made it INTO the treat can.  I did it for you though - REALLY, I did.  I didn't want you to be SO SAD that you have no candy corn.  So I saved you from seeing it.  That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it. {giggle giggle!}

Okay, so as you can see from my cute (empty) treat can and card, I have been busy with the Mischief rub-ons.  No stamps on these two projects. (WHAT!?)  Just rub-ons.   You can see the whole package of rub-ons HERE. . .they are so cute.  Perfect for Halloween, AND fall.  I highly recommend them! And they were VERY easy to apply, even to the tin pail! I just added some ribbon and twine from my stash, and one of CTMH's cute little wooden buttons.  And maybe one day, the candy corn will last long enough to make it INTO the treat pail! ;)
Okay, now for the bonus round. . . .just HOW LONG exactly have YOU been a fan of Close to My Heart? Were you with us when it was D.O.T.S?????  I'm talkin, way back in the day of wood mounted stamps.  Because THIS, my friends, is a little framed piece I did a VERY long time ago.  I pull it out every fall, because I still just LOVE those pumpkins.  I colored this with colored pencils, and it just makes me HAPPY! I saw it as I was walking outside to photograph today's project, and I thought I would share it with you, just because!  :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cricut Tips and Ideas!

Cricut Tips from The Tomaino Patch:
Debi Squires, Melissa Murray and Jamie Schopoppmann

Close To My Heart offers their own Cricut cartridge that includes over 700 designs, three exclusive stamp sets, and 3 sets of dimensional elements.  The Cricut Art Philosophy is a must have for all paper crafters!  For more information, contact me

 • When you get a new mat write "top" on the upper corner of the plastic sheet (before removing) with permanent marker so you know which side is up (there is a difference on the plastic sheet sides).

 • Be sure to replace the plastic sheet on the mat when not in use so the mat doesn't collect dirt and dust (helps extend mat life).

 • Always make sure your mat is clean of all little paper i.e. from eyes or holes from a tag. The spatula tool is a great item to have. If you find your paper is tearing when you cut an image, it might be because you have these little circles or chunks of paper still stuck to your mat. You can use the Pampered Chef scrapper too!

  Our CTMH piercing tool is a great tool to lift Cricut projects off the mat--especially the small ones and insides you don't use or need.

 • When I am not sure how much cutting pressure a certain design will need, especially the more intricate ones, I have learned to cut them on a scrap piece of the same weight paper or the actual paper I am using in a smaller size. This does two things. It wastes less paper if you need to make adjustments and, if there was enough pressure to cut it out in a smaller size, it will always cut well larger because the curves are larger. (See Cricut Chart below).

  • If you need to cut 20 scalloped squares for a large project, try out the quantity button on your Cricut Expression, it is AWESOME and a great time saver! OR if you need a whole page hit the auto fill button, it makes life so much easier :)

 • When making a project with vinyl always cut out in scrap paper first to see if its the size and font you want. I hate to waste anything especially vinyl, AND when you do cut with the vinyl make sure you do the "kiss" technique blade 4, speed 3, pressure 3, that way you don't cut through the backing!

 • If you are unsure about the size of an image, cut it on scrap paper first so you aren’t wasting your "good" paper or cardstock :)

  • Cricut Flowers - your mat has to be very sticky. My older mat wasn't, I added dotto dots to the paper & it still shifted which ruined the cut. Roll the flower from the outside in-tightly. Keep the bottom even as you roll, otherwise it'll start to get like a cone shape. You want it as even as possible. Liquid Glass is the best for adhering it. Put a blob on the flat part, let the flower unfurl slightly & hold it in place till it bonds. Also lower the cutting speed. While you may want a fast speed when cutting circles, you want a slower speed when cutting anything intricate. (Jessica Ballas)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

with gratitude

the right season at the right time.  I told you, I am super weird and holiday jump in my cardmaking in a MAJOR way!!!!
I used the new stamp set, called So Grateful, for this card.  Check this out - the image below, is from the catalog, and as you can see there's a solid pumpkin, which would be terrific on its own, OR you can stamp the swirly sentiment pumpkin right on top of it for a totally different effect.  (Or you could certainly stamp the swirly sentiment on its own as well!) I used a sentiment from Thank You, which works perfectly with my pumpkin!  I wish I could remember what colors I used on mine.  I'm thinking the pumpkin is Autumn Terracotta (or Goldrush??) and the words are Barn Red or Chocolate. (I'm not much help, am I!)

I also used some NEW paper on my card - from the Dreamin' collection.  Lots of pretty patterns and color combos for Fall in this collection!

I've had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, from Starbucks, and I'm using great restraint, in not picking up a cinnamon broom from the grocery store YET.  (I try to make myself wait until October 1st!)  Around here, it doesn't feel like fall until about November!  But we are READY and waiting for it!!!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

merry christmas?

Okay, so I holiday jump a bit.  Does it make you crazy? ("Geesh, one week she's working on Halloween, the next thing you know it's Christmas, and tomorrow it will be Easter!!")  But think of it this way - I spared you from the Valentine card I did last week.  I'll save that for another week or two (maybe) - LOL!

This is a clean and simple Christmas card using stamps from cutie-patootie little set, called A Holiday, and HELLO, it's only $6.95 - what a bargain!!!! And even BETTER news, it coordinates with the Cricut Art Philosophy collection cartridge!!!!! So you could whip up an awful lot of cards in a short amount of time!!!!!  (And Lord knows we all need to whip up Christmas cards that don't take an eternity to create!!!)

SO - have you STARTED your Christmas cards yet? :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Your Day!

Have you had enough Halloween for now?
(Don't worry, if you haven't, I have some FUN LINKS for you down below!)
In the meantime, using some fun fall colors, here is a card featuring the Flower Pot. stamp set. I paper-pieced the flower pots, but colored the flowers with colored pencil.  I added some twine and a cool faux button from my stash.  
But now, in case you need some Halloween inspiration, have you visited Pinterest?! I am OBSESSED.  If I'm not blogging, or on Facebook - then I am pinning away on Pinterest.  You can find my Pinterest boards HERE .  It's a fun way to organize scrappy ideas, recipes, quotes - anything you want to save online!  I've been collecting some holiday ideas lately, for the fall and winter - go check them out on my Holiday Magic board!
Have a GREAT weekend!