Tuesday, September 13, 2011

merry christmas?

Okay, so I holiday jump a bit.  Does it make you crazy? ("Geesh, one week she's working on Halloween, the next thing you know it's Christmas, and tomorrow it will be Easter!!")  But think of it this way - I spared you from the Valentine card I did last week.  I'll save that for another week or two (maybe) - LOL!

This is a clean and simple Christmas card using stamps from cutie-patootie little set, called A Holiday, and HELLO, it's only $6.95 - what a bargain!!!! And even BETTER news, it coordinates with the Cricut Art Philosophy collection cartridge!!!!! So you could whip up an awful lot of cards in a short amount of time!!!!!  (And Lord knows we all need to whip up Christmas cards that don't take an eternity to create!!!)

SO - have you STARTED your Christmas cards yet? :)


Nancy said...

This is cute and then the red and white string finishes the look. Did you cut the leaves out with the cricut?

Laura said...

no, but only because i stamped a bunch of stuff (including this) when i was with my mom, and brought it home to make things with. so this one i handcut. (shhh!) ;)