Monday, March 19, 2012

You're a Star! (Typeset)

Typeset is a super cool graphic collection that lends itself especially to masculine projects, as well as school projects (but if you look at some of the samples online and in the catalog, you'll know it can be used for much more too!)  The coordinating canvas Typeset Complements are a lot of fun to use.  
I covered a plain old marble composition book and made a couple of coordinating cards using the Typeset collection. 

I think these projects pretty much speak for themselves! If you are creating a covered composition book, here's some advice: lay your paper on the front cover, and stick it on with some removable tape. Then OPEN the book and trace along the outline of the cover on the inside (which will trace it onto the back of your paper.)  Then take it off and trim it.  I have found that marble composition books RARELY have exact measurements, and they are rarely on completely straight.  You won't be able to tell . . . .unless you just say "This cover is 6x9, so I'll trim a 6x9 piece of paper on my trimmer and stick it on."  (Because it probably won't be exact!)  ;)

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scrappingnana said...

Great projects Laura. Love this paper set.