Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boo banner

When the My Creations Banner came out, I thought it was THE cutest thing.  . . .
but then I couldn't figure out WHAT the heck to do with it.
(don't you hate it when that happens!?)

But I got inspired when I started playing with my stash of Mischief paper, and felt goodies.

I had a HORRIBLE time trying to photograph this crazy thing, so please bear with my picture.  I'll try to get some better pictures soon. 
I covered each of the pennants with patterned paper, and distressed the heck out of the edges!  I used the felt shapes, and trimmed some of the cool little labels from the patterned paper (and inked the edges of them.)  The letters are from the Friendship Alphabet. (love that stamp set!)
I added some black ribbon to the ends, and used the links that come with the banner set to attach the pennants together.
Now, for my next mission. . . .should I tell you? (Maybe I should surprise you. . .)
No, I'll let you in on my secret.  My next mission, is to create ANOTHER banner, on the back side.  That way, I will have a reversible banner! Halloween, and then flip it for Thanksgiving (or Christmas. . .I haven't decided which!)
I'll be SURE to share it as soon as I have a plan, and make it happen!

Have a GREAT weekend!  We are going to be recovering after Bryce's first week of school, and celebrating Tanner's second birthday! Oh, yes . . .humor me for a moment, and I'll share Mr. B's back-to-school photo!
Cute as can be, right!!!??
Happy weekend!


Susan aka Mimi said...

Love the banner Laura. It's so cute and festive!

And I love that little boy headed into FIRST GRADE - where oh where does the time go? And Tanner turning two - I feel older by the minute!!!

Nancy said...

I TOTALLY love the BOO banner!
Where ever do you get these great ideas? And to top it all off, how sweet is Bryce? I love you and your adorable family!