Friday, October 15, 2010

cards in mass production!

I have been working on cards to give as gifts for the holidays. . .as well as trying to use up some of my paper stash! I am HORRIBLE about hoarding paper that I really love. I never use some of it, just because I don't want to be gone. Or I love it, but I'm just not sure what to do with it. So I've been trying to come up with some cute but fairly quick and simple, (and easy to duplicate) cards. These are two that I made with Twitterpated paper, and a stamp from Dainty Thoughts. The two cards are slightly different from each other. I used my piercing tool, and pierced the outline on the green card, and I added some pearls from the Mocha Opaques. (Have you used those yet? I am OBSESSED!)

If you plan to make homemade cards, calendars, gift wrap, or some other wonderful creation . .. NOW is the time to start!!!! I am working on digital calendars, card sets, and pretty soon I'll probably get started on some ornaments with Bryce.

And before I go, as promised, here is a picture from our trip to the pumpkin patch last week! Both boys picked out little pumpkins, and we got one big one that we are going to decorate soon! (Yes, DECORATE, not CARVE.) Carved pumpkins just can't handle the Florida heat, so in order to have our pumpkin actually make it until Halloween, we are going to make a happy little face out of felt for our orange friend.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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Gina said...

Love these cards!! I really like this paper pack. Thanks for the Idea