Sunday, June 2, 2013

Every Day

Summertime is upon us! My second grader is only a second grader for one more week. (Eek!) 
Every day IS an adventure, and it will continue to be!!!!
I hope you like this clean and simple, quick and easy card. I put together Pear, Gypsy, and Holiday Red (forgive me because I'm pretty sure Holiday red is no more. . .but Cranberry would look just as nice!)

I would tell you what stamp set this is. . .but I am completely not sure.  It's not still available, but you just may have it in your stash. And if you don't, and you need it - you just may be able to get it from Susan, because sometimes she has a special little stash of not-available-anymore product.  
(She's good like that.)

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