Thursday, May 16, 2013

Have a Nice Day! {May Pinwheel!}

May Stamp of the Month.
You can never go wrong with pinwheels!
Cards for kids.
Cards for grownups.
Summer time.
Party invitations.
Birthday cards.
Seriously, if you don't have a pinwheel stamp set in your collection . . .
now is the time to get one!

To create this card, I simply stamped and trimmed the pinwheel, and attached a toothpick to the back. (How perfect would this be as a cupcake topper?) 
I embossed the green cardstock, and sanded over it to show the lovely white core. 

You can score this stamp set for just $5, when you spend $50 during the month of May! 
{Easy, peasy, and totally worth it!}


Nancy Durant said...

This is so cute and I am going to make one! You are so clever!

Nancy Durant said...

Oh yes and...there is no end to your talent! xoxo