Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekend Crop Projects - Jacksonville

Many of our Close To My Heart 2-page Scrapbook Layouts include Flip Flaps.  If you have never used Flip Flaps before, come and see what you can add to your pages using various sizes of Flip Flaps!

Elemental Circle of Friends

Perfect Day $9.00
This layout includes the following Flip Flaps (1) 4X6) center left and (1) 8X12 left panel photo 2.

Elemental - Friends Forever $8.00
Includes the following Flip Flaps (2) 4X6 (1) 6X12
Room for lots of pictures and easy colors to work with!

BELOW:  Accordion Book $14.00
This class includes the book, the stamp set, ink pad and all the supplies
 to make this two-sided accordion book.

Elemental - Geometric Designs $8.00
Includes the following Flip Flaps:  (1) 6X6 (1) 2X2
These colors will work with lots of subjects and events!


Let Us Grow - Bella $9.00
This layout includes the following Flip Flaps:
(1) 6X12, (3) 4X6 and (1) 3X12
This layout will hold a ton of photographs!

Event Calendar $14.00
Create this recurring important events calendar and never miss an important date again!
Each month has it's own hand stamped top.  
Just add the special events and use your calendar over and over again!

La Belle Vie $8.00
You'll create a cute little two page Flip Flap book in the upper right corner (shown open) using a 3X2 and 2X2 Flip Flap. 

  Flirty Family Fun $7.00


Flirty Flowers $7.00

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