Thursday, November 1, 2012

perfect fit perfection

HAPPY NOVEMBER!!!! I spent all of September trying to get ready for the craziness of October - and suddenly October is GONE. And now I better scramble to get ready for the craziness of December! The fall season is SO much fun - but it goes by SO quickly!

I can't get enough of the Perfect Fit stamps.  If I haven't yet convinced you of their versatility, then perhaps today's post will seal the deal.   

I stole my own idea, from some other cards I created. (Now that I'm thinking of it, I think it might even be similar to one of the Halloween cards I did.)  This was the perfect layout for the stamps, and I tried out a fun cool color combo, Pear and Sky. LOVE it with the white. 
And then, with my scraps I whipped up another version of it, on a smaller 4x4 card base.  There are lots of ways you could take this same idea and twist it, turn it, change it up, and make it your own.   

 Have a fabulous day!

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