Friday, February 17, 2012

A Rainbow

I've gotta say that I think these great little A size stamp sets are a great deal, at $6.95 each! I created this card using this stamp set called, A Rainbow.
On this card, I used Sky card stock, along with Watermelon, Pear, and Sunny Yellow ink.  It's a fresh Springy look for the changing of seasons! (Especially the GREEN, because everrrrrything here in crazy-weather-Florida is covered in green pollen already! In FEBRUARY! Achoooo!)

There are lots of great possibilities with this stamp set, and I bet you have lots of sentiment stamps in your stash to easily turn these images into a birthday card, a baby card, or just about any card you need!  The included sentiment would be perfect for a get well or encouragement card.

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Susan aka Mimi said...

Love the card!!!! This is such a cute stamp set!

I am battling my own allergies like never before. This is a first for me. I finally closed up the house and put the AC on. I'm still sneezing and coughing and my nose runs all the time, but I don't feel as icky!