Thursday, June 16, 2011

two for the price of one!

Sorry to trick you. . .no, there's no two-for-one deal going on, on stamps. . . .but do i have TWO cards to share with you today!  When the current catalog came out, I was SUPER EXCITED about this stamp set.  It's called Retro Tech, and it has very cool vintage looking images of phones, a television, record player, camera, etc.   I have been making some SUPER SIMPLE, clean and graphic cards with these stamps.  And I love them!  They are so quick and easy, I thought I'd better share two of them today!
On this first card, I cut some squares of cardstock (great way to use up scraps!) to create the bottom border.  And i stuck a rhinestone jewel over the camera flash.

I stamped the records in Cotton Candy, Pear, and (shhhh.. . .) Breeze (I keep trying not to use that color anymore, since it's gone, but I just can't help myself! WHY oh WHY they discontinued it, I have no idea. Sniff, sob. Gulp. Okay, I'm done now.)

Sometimes I get so bogged down trying to create an intricate masterpiece, that it is refreshing to just stamp something quick, simple, and to the point. No layers, no busyness - just a crisp clean image.

Have a fabulous week! I am off now to create a Father's Day card with my little men.  I won't be stamping on it, but if you want a sneak peek. . . .check out this link.  If you have a technology geek in your house, you might want to try it too!!! (It's ADORABLE!)


Nancy said...

i love these retro stamps! we had a poloraid camera but you can't get the film any more. so SAD. another great card missy!

Nancy said...

ps: the dad card is great!Inspirational! You are a creative genius to share ALL these examples with us.

Nancy said...

I have this stamp set now! I love your mom!