Friday, April 29, 2011

Chairs to YOU!! (and me!)

It's almost MAY!!! And do you remember what that means???? A new stamp of the month - it's one of my VERY favorite stamp sets.  I made this card AGES ago, and I've been waiting and waiting to share it, until it got closer to MAY.  (I didn't want to taunt you TOO much, before you could get this stamp set into your inky hands!)

I will admit, I REALLY wanted to cut out all those little areas in between the chair decorations.  But I just couldn't do it.  So I'm pretending I totally wanted it that way, and just rolling with it.  (We have to do that sometimes - just roll with it.)

I paired a little ribbon from my stash with the Watermelon and Kraft chair.  I am loving the color combination! (And I'm OBSESSED with Kraft, in case you hadn't noticed yet!)

So - chairs to YOU. . .it's the weekend!
chairs to ME. . .it's my birthday!
chairs to ME. . . it's my anniversary!
chairs to Prince William and Kate . . .they chose to get married on MY special day!
chairs to the astronauts about to take off this afternoon . . .it's a momentous day all over the world!


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Nancy said...

Chairs to all! cute card!