Saturday, February 26, 2011

have a splendid day!

Spring is REALLY springing around here. . ..pollen is covering EVERYTHING, the grass is on it's way to GREEN, and the weather is getting quite warm all the sudden. (It IS still February, isn't it?)

This springy little card features Mayberry papers, and the oh-so-cute stamp set called Splendid Day. Here are a few of the sneaky little techniques I used:
-to create the grass, I inked the edge of my cardstock in green. Depending on how you brush the cardstock over the ink, you can get a lot of different effects. I just brushed it straight up and across - and came up with this grassy look. (Love that!!!)
-If you look at the stamp set, you'll see that the banner I used for my sentiment has a triangle and string on the end, where you can attach it to the airplane stamp. But if you trim carefully, you can trim that end right off, and use it on it's own, without the plane. (Love that!)

I hope it's starting to feel like spring (and not winter, OR summer) where you are! Enjoy it while it lasts!!!! See you next week! :)


Sue Laufer said...

Love this card. I just may have to stamplift, dear friend.

Nancy said...

That is one splendid card! I love the stamps, the paper and the layout of the card. Perfect!