Thursday, November 18, 2010


I came home from my parents' house with a few new stamp sets to play with!!! Hoooray! (Thanks Mom!) This is a quick and simple card (cause that's what I like best, of course!) using Sunflower, and Sunset cardstock and ink (and the Flourished Blessings stamp set!) To create the colors on the leaf, I used one of my favorite techniques. First I inked the leaf in Sunset ink, (on Sunflower cardstock) and then I rolled the edges in a darker color, before stamping it. I'm thinking I should have written down what I did, because to be honest, I am NOT exactly sure WHICH two colors I used. The good news is, that LOTS of color combos work beautifully with this technique. As I was playing, I tried out Sunset, Smoothie, Honey, and even Vineyard Berry. There are colors in each season's color palette that really lend themselves to this technique on the fall leaves. Just remember to start with the LIGHTEST color, so you don't ruin your ink pad!!!!

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Sheila Bennett said...

Very nice card. Great colors, and really like how you stamped onto the yellow cardstock so that color shows through for the swirls on the leaf.